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How to Increase Height After 18?

How to Increase Height After 18

Can You Increase Your Height After 18?

It is a popular belief that you cannot increase height after 18 years of age. To an extent, it is not false but we can see many examples where people keep growing even after 18 or gain maximum physical growth after the ripe age of 18.

Why some people achieve maximum growth before 18 and other at later age is too complicated to discuss here, but fact remains that, physical growth is not necessarily restricted or related to growing age for all.

Here are a few facts about physical growth in young individuals.


Genetic predisposition restricts growth at a young age and prevents optimum physical growth. Genes, in most of the cases, determine the height and are common differentiating factors amongst people with decent or good height and ones on the shorter side.

There are about 50 types of genes that directly affect the growth of a person after puberty. The genetic composition of a person also determines the secretion of hormones like growth, thyroid and sex hormones – testosterone in boys and estrogen in females.

The release of these hormones also plays a crucial role in increasing the physical dimensions of an individual.


What a young boy or girl eats after puberty is another major factor that determines the rate of physical growth.

Proper nutrition maintains growth rate and allows a person to achieve optimum physical growth whereas malnutrition can stunt physical growth and leave a person on the shorter side even if he or she is having genetic composition for optimum physical growth.

Too much stress at a young age of studies etc. has been found to cause a negative impact on growth rate.


Boys and girls that grow in a polluted or disease-prone environment generally suffer from stunted growth.

Even social background has been found as an important factor in promoting or decreasing the growth of young boys and girls after puberty.

Process of Physical Growth

The abovementioned factors determine the height and physical growth of young boys and girls. Due to these factors and physical changes that the human body undergoes after puberty person gains physical growth.

Physical changes grow long bones. Growth plates, present at the end of long bones, proliferate to add cartilages that get replaced by bone tissues later and increase the height of a person.

This process is at the peak a year after puberty but generally stops after the age of 18. However, in many cases, this process continues even after the age of 18 till 20 or 21.

People supporting the theory that it is impossible to increase height after the age of 18 are firm believers that hormonal activity that promotes the growth of long bones stops after the ripe age of 18 hence any human cannot grow physically beyond this age.

However young people with delayed puberty may continue to grow even after 18 till 20 or 21.

Is it possible to increase height after 18 years of age?

You cannot change your genetics, but other factors like nutrition, lifestyle, and exercises are of course manageable and can be employed to gain few extra inches.

How to increase height after 18?

As far as adults are concerned, to gain few extra inches, they should focus on adding lean muscle mass and supporting the internal system to maintain release of growth hormone.

After the age of 18 or 20, the major change that occurs in the human body is the depletion of HGH which plays a major role in promoting physical growth after puberty.

Although this hormone gets released throughout life its level keeps on decreasing which inhibits physical growth.

Activities, diet, and lifestyle that stimulate glands to maintain a higher release of growth hormone can bring an increase in physical dimensions of an individual even past the age of 18.

Tips to Increase Height after 18 Fast

Here are a few useful tips that help in gaining a few extra inches even after the age of 18. These tips are not complete treatment but very vital for improving results of efforts you make to grow taller and enhance your looks and appeal.

Lead stress-free life

Stress is one of the biggest concerns of humans today as far as physical and mental health is concerned. Stress even at a young age can stunt physical growth even in healthy and genetically strong boys and girls.

In adults, it can cause health problems and disturb the hormonal balance that brings weaknesses and mental disorders.

Leading a stress-free life by getting involved in activities that give satisfaction and improve positive energy is one very helpful way to improve physical appearance.

Try a few exercises that bust stress and fill your mind with positivity to lead a stress-free life.

Take care of the sleep

In the rush of life sleeping for lesser duration or sleeping at improper timings is a major reason for jumbled hormonal secretion.

Staying awake till late decreases the release of growth hormone in the body, early to bed and early to rise is the best policy for adults to increase height.

Proper sleep for sufficient duration also improves the rate of recovery and protects bones and muscles from atrophy.

Avoid unnecessary meds

People often become too inclined to consume meds for simple health problems. Avoid too much dependency on meds unless very necessary.

Frequent medication affects digestion and metabolism negatively and negates proper physical growth.

Go for food-based treatment as much as possible for minor day to day health issues.

Diet to Increase Height after 18

Diet plays a major role in increasing height after 18. The right kind of diet to increase height after 18 supports internal mechanisms by supplying nutrients that the body needs in bulk to grow bones and lean muscle mass.

Bone and muscle growth adds few extra inches supporting the spine and joints of the body. A person with a straighter spine rises higher while standing and sitting and appears taller considerably.

Eat wholegrain, beans, lentils, eggs, chicken, and fish for protein and other vital nutrients. Include fruits like banana, rich in calcium and digestive in nature in a regular diet.

Milk products are sources of calcium and support bone and muscle growth, consume fat-free versions of dairy products in a regular diet.

Spices like saffron, cardamom, and black cloves are good for improving metabolism and relieving tired nerves and muscles.

Drink green and herbal teas and avoid alcohol, tobacco, and beverages.

Exercises to Increase Height after 18

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a proper diet then regular exercises improve the quality of results.

There are different exercises recommended for adults seeking improvement in their tallness that work excellently to bring positive change fast.

Cardio, strength, and yoga all are good exercises to increase height after 18.

Swimming and playing games like basketball that require stretching, running and jumping are good exercises to increase height.

Dry land swimming, hopping on one leg, alternate kicking and the table are other sets of exercises that stretch the right kind of muscles and promote growth.

Yoga described many poses that affect the spine and lower limbs to bring a considerable increase in tallness.

Forward bend, cobra pose, super cobra pose, cat and cow pose, forward spine stretch, pilates rollover, downhill, etc. are good yoga poses to perform regularly to gain an increase in height.

Running and sprinting are cardio exercises that improve the growth of muscles, strengthen bones, correct hormonal imbalance and bring out better physical appearance.

Herbal Supplements for Height Increase

You will hear from many experts that medicines can help in gaining extra height even after growing age. Herbs are safe and natural ways to add extra inches to your vertical physical limits.

Long Looks capsules are herbal preparations that are safe and natural and extremely beneficial for young boys and girls to reach their height potential and for adults to gain tallness even past growing age.

Long Looks capsules overcome side effects of malnutrition by providing bioactive nutrition to enhance bone and muscle tissue generation.

Higher rate of bone and muscle tissue generation promote bone growth and suppress bone atrophy it also strengthens joints, improves cartilage generation and brings a measurable increase in physical dimensions.

These pills come with herbs that improve hormonal release naturally to promote physical growth.

These supplements improve the release of growth hormones and maintain a balanced secretion of thyroid and sex hormones to promote physical growth.

Long Looks capsules come with antioxidant-rich ingredients that inhibit the free-radical mechanism and enhance the flow of blood opening capillaries and blood pathways.

These improve fat metabolism, promote the growth of lean muscle mass and counter physical and mental stress.

Powerful anti-aging herbs present in these reverse age-related disorders and improve the overall musculoskeletal system for dominant personality and youthful energy.

The herbal ingredients of these pills support healthy cardio, urinary, digestive and circulatory systems. These improve liver functions and eliminate infectious and disease-causing agents.

Use of Long Looks capsules helps the body in overcoming ill-effects of exposure to pollutants, chemicals, allergens and other harmful agents in childhood or at later age.

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By eating a proper diet and leading a healthy lifestyle with the support of Long Looks capsules and exercises one can increase height even after growing age.

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Although genetics majorly determine one’s height yet the role of other factors cannot be ignored.

For people past their growing age, all is not lost if they have failed to attain optimum physical growth and height potential.

Proper diet, lifestyle and regular exercise in combination with Long Looks capsules can bring positive results and keep them physically active and impressive till later years of life.

The results obtained by these efforts are not temporary. These are long-lasting and come with multiple other benefits that make life pleasing and enjoyable.

All one needs to do is to make a solid commitment to follow the right regimen until he or she gains desired results.

Efforts may last longer than expected but one with a resolute approach and discipline can achieve what everyone says is impossible.

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