Benefits and Duration

We do not claim that our products can replace any on-going treatment or cure any health problem permanently.

In mild cases, results may come within 2 to 3 months but in severe cases, these may take 6 months or more.

The benefits and results of these products vary due to age, regularity, the severity of the problem, diet, nutrition, lifestyle and genetic conditions.

The duration of use mentioned over products indicates duration that is minimum for gaining health benefits and it shall not be considered as the duration that guarantees results.


The information provided on the website is for educational purposes. It has been collected from different sources like journals, write-ups and as advised by herbal experts.

This information in any manner does not counter or challenge opinions or treatment of other systems of medicine.

Home and herbal remedies described in our blog and website are from reliable sources and many people all over the world have benefitted from these.

However one should asses this information as per his or her personal health and conditions before following.


Every user is advised that free consultation provided on the website by our herbal experts shall not be considered as a replacement for doctor’s recommendations, reports of clinical check-ups and medication.

We assure the purity of herbal ingredients used in our herbal products but one should consider that some herbs work as medicines which may or may not be 100% suitable for a particular person.

Users shall take advice from a reliable source for all ingredients in the product before use.

User reviews

We do not change, guide or manipulate reviews on our website. These are personal experiences and opinions of our customers.

When necessary or requested we do change the names of reviewers to maintain privacy and may lessen the length of testimonials to follow legal guidelines.

Our reviews are 100% genuine and are not displayed for endorsement purposes. These are displayed over the website to explain how people have benefitted by using our herbal products.


The photos of people over the website do not mean that they are endorsing our products or have used our products.

The photos of our products are real but sometimes these may display old packaging. Even the rates and ingredient list of our products in photos over the website may or may not differ from real packing.

The price and ingredient list shall be checked in the ‘product section’ over the website before purchase.

We do not hold any responsibility for any mishap occurring while following home remedies, exercises or activities suggested on our website.

We also do not hold any responsibility for the inefficacy of any product even in the rarest of cases.